Sue the rabbit

Sue the rabbit

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Digital Artwork.

Sue is a serious lady, who works as an accountant. She is often misunderstood, as she can be unintentionally sharp, when speaking to colleagues etc. Sue lives with her much older Husband, who she cares for, ever since he had a stroke, 5 years ago. She is so tired, as when she is at home, she is still at work. She rarely has any time to let her hair down, to be free of responsibility. When she was younger, she was more carefree, friendliness flowed more easily from her, but now, she's just too chronically fatigued to expand energy being patient with people, who she feels, doesn't deserve it. When she speaks to anyone in this way, she sees them recoil, their offer of friendship in their eyes be retracted, and she is frustrated with herself, because she never meant to appear cold, unopen.