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Lance loves trekking on the weekends, or any spare minute he has. Hes the kind of guy that has magazine subscriptions to outdoorsy type shops. He also knows how to start a fire in emergency, using only a few rocks. He is a wealth of knowledge, between weight lifting, protein pancakes and his personal best. Hes also a really good, loyal friend. He just so happens to also be a victim of loosing a limb, due to serving his country by being enrolled in the army as a medic. When he wears trousers, no one can see his prosthetic leg, and assume is able bodied. He has had to fight hard to get used to using his prosthetic leg, with phantom limb pain, blisters on his wound site, and gritting his teeth through the pain, to learn to walk again. What you don`t see when you look at him, is the mental trauma he has suffered, along with the amount of psychological work he has had to do, to get used to such a massive change in his life.  But, it isn`t what makes Lance who he is. He is also a father, a husband, a friend, a son, a brother. He snorts when he laugh and loves embarrassing his kids by attempting Tiktok dances when their friends are over. 

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