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Ava loves clothes, especially if they are second hand, from a charity shop. She loves to spend time, thumbing through rails of clothes, to find something that is organically made, ethically sourced and unique. She loves soft linens and cottons, sustainably made shoes and non animal tested hair dye made from natural products. These things are very important to Ava, and she preaches her opinion to anyone who will listen. Ava also was born with an arm that hadn`t fully formed when she was in her mothers womb. She has never known what it is like to have two hands, but feels completely `normal`. She adapted to her limb with missing digits as a baby and toddler, learning to feed herself just as easily with her right arm as her left. It was only when Ava grew older that she realized that not everyone looked like her. All the princesses on birthday cards had two arms, with two hands, two legs, two feet and she never seen anyone who looked liker her on tv, or in magazines she leafed through when waiting on her Mum at the hairdressers.  

Ava is now an adult who has just gotten used to feeling different, the odd one out. She has stopped looking on greetings cards shelves, hoping to find someone who looks like her. Until now....