Peaches and cream

Peaches and cream

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Rhoda is a force of nature.  Her job, as Manager in her local library, gives her so much joy. Staff who work with her look forward to her coming into work. When she gets up to make a cup of tea, she makes sure to ask everyone else if they want a cup, concentrating hard to get the details of how they like their beverage, just right. One of Rhoda's` favorite tasks to do in work, is to change the library window display. Every season, holiday or event, Rhoda sets to work, to make a beautiful window, for all of the regular visitors to see. One time, she even made an igloo for kids to use as a reading nook, out of empty milk cartons and a hot glue gun. 

Rhoda has had boyfriends, but she hasn't been in love. She still has so much she wants to do in her life, so doesn't want to settle down.  Travelling, learning to play the guitar and learning Spanish is on her bucket list of  skills she wants to add to her repertoire. Another achievement she wants to make in life is one she keeps close to her chest. She really wants to write a book. 

Rhoda was born without the ability to hear. She was registered as being hearing impaired.  When she was 3 years old, she had surgery to have a cochlear implant, which was difficult to get used to. Lots of sounds that were very muffled before, were post surgery, very loud and hard to decipher. Now, she is 25 years old, knows how to sign to communicate, but is able to hear enough, along with lip reading, to be able to communicate with peers. She struggles if someone covers their mouth when speaking, or if they don`t speak clearly and whilst facing her. Rhoda has been able to integrate into society, as a citizen and a hard working person. She is glad that there are organizations that raise awareness of struggles that those that are hearing impaired have and wished there was more organizations like that when she was young.